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by Fabiana Claure on September 7th, 2020

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day holiday.

Last week I shared a video about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. I had just finished recording a video presentation for an international music business conference where I was invited to present and felt the urge to continue sharing some of the ideas I discussed in my presentation.

One of the overarching themes of my presentation was limiting beliefs and how to explore ways to identify them and overcome them. However, as I reflected on the process it took for me to finally complete that video presentation and send it, I realized I myself had been dealing with limiting beliefs in the process of preparing my presentation.

Not only did I procrastinate a lot before completing the materials, but I actually rationalized a series of reasons why I had other things to do instead of making the presentation.

The truth is I am a busy wife and mom of two, who is also teaching full time and running a university program, and also has a thriving coaching business helping women musicians create new income while expanding their impact. I have lots of things going on and the thought of preparing yet something else to submit for an outside organization felt extremely daunting and time-consuming. However, the reality is that I was also feeling challenged by the idea of presenting my expertise in such a condensed format (I had only 20 minutes) when I had so many important things I wanted to say and share.

So, what did I do? I delayed getting to it, and avoided it, and ultimately shared with my husband my decision to not do it.

Ahhh.....that would have been the easy way out, of course.

When we have our own internal deadlines and projects, it can be so tempting to call off things and miss the deadlines. After all, who would know? Mainly only yourself, so no harm would really be done.

Except....really? No harm would be done if you truly don't want to follow through; but if the reasons you are giving yourself for not following through have more to do with avoiding challenges and shying away from being vulnerable and stepping out of your comfort zone, then think again.

Fortunately, my husband knows me so well. We've been together now for 23 years! He called me out on it and reminded me of all the reasons why it would be GREAT for me to follow through with this project and GET IT DONE! He also encouraged me not to take the "easy way out" by simply canceling the project and instead make the time for it and doing it.

I listened and reflected and realized I had been unconsciously limiting myself in my beliefs. I geared up all my energy and ideas and made the presentation in a single take! There! It was all done, and it only took 20 minutes. Except it took more than a week of me going back and forth, exploring the pros and cons, and hesitating about it constantly.

So, my question to you today is: what are you telling yourself you can't/shouldn't/couldn't do right now?

What is the latest set of assumptions you've been telling yourself and, probably quite rationally, justifying why you shouldn't follow through?

Is it really true?

I encourage you to post in the comments below and let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

And if you find yourself wanting even more support and accountability in your life and career journey, then I encourage you to book a call with me to see if you'd be a good fit for my 1:1 business coaching program for women musicians.

I wasn't planning on offering more coaching options for the remainder of 2020, but I recently decided to open up a few 1:1 spots for driven women musicians who are interested in creating new income, expanding their impact, and making the remainder of 2020 the best part of their year.

Even though this year has been challenging on so many fronts, there is still time to turn things around.

You don't have to go through your own limiting beliefs on your own. There are ways you can get support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

You just have to be willing to question your assumptions and make the commitment to create change in your life.

If you are curious about what this could look like, then I invite you to book a call with me (no strings attached), and together we can explore what the best options would be for you.

I wish you a wonderful new week.

Below is the video I shared on Friday talking more about this. Hope you find it useful.

by Fabiana Claure on August 30th, 2020

Every week on Fridays, inside my Musician's Profit Umbrella™ group coaching program for women musicians, we celebrate all sorts of wins - big or small.

Throughout the past two months, since my program began, there have been many wonderful wins where my clients have expressed incredible breakthroughs and have acknowledged the growth they are experiencing as a result of their work in the program.

The process of designing their own Musician's Profit Umbrella™ is a journey that involves much more than business development.

It's about internal growth, bold decision-making, letting go of limiting beliefs, acknowledging your fears and doing things in spite of them, and discovering your true potential.

Yesterday on our Friday wins celebration, one of my clients shared that she had sold her very first coaching package for $4,200!

This win represents much more than a monetary gain, it represents a woman stepping into belief and inspired action and making the decision to not settle for the status quo in her life.

Not only was I ecstatic for my client for what this means for her both financially as well as for her life and self-esteem, but I was also profoundly moved by the reaction from all the other MPU program members.

They enthusiastically celebrated my client's win as if it were their own. The sense of sisterhood and inspiration they all expressed while cheering my client on truly moved me.

This is what it's really all about.

Embracing change, striving for prosperity, and acknowledging the value in wealth creation can lead to incredible outcomes.

My current group coaching program is fully booked through the rest of 2020.
However, I have decided to open a few 1:1 slots for driven women musicians who are determined to create new income, expand their income, and significantly improve their quality of life.

If you'd like to learn more about what this could look like for you and for your career/life goals, then I invite you to book a call with me, and together we can explore this opportunity.

I will only invite you to work with me if I truly believe you can achieve the type of wins that I've described above.

Book your call now!

Below are a few snapshots from my clients' comments about their experience so far in my coaching program.

by Fabiana Claure on August 27th, 2020

Can you envision any parallels between the way you approach your business and how you parent?
As we are now coming back to school and our kids are entering a new routine, I’m curious to know what that looks like for you and your family.⁣
A few weeks ago, my son Fabio was attending a summer school program, and one Monday morning, he was having a hard time thinking about going back to school.
After all this family bonding time over the weekend, he was struggling to let it go and start a new week again with school.⁣
He was deliberately boycotting everything he needed to do before going to school, just laying on the couch and not getting dressed, eating breakfast, nor tidying up his room.
I asked him why he was doing this.⁣ He said he didn’t want to go back to school.⁣
At first, my initial instinct was to get him back on track and tell him:⁣
“We need to get back to the schedule. We need to get you ready. It’s getting late and we need to get there on time.”
(Notice: I would have been very much driven toward the outcome and end goal rather than acknowledging the present concern and barrier.)⁣
However, I’ve been receiving parenting coaching and reading some books that have opened up a new perspective for me in a way that not only has improved my parenting but also my work as a business coach for musicians.⁣
One of the big topics that keep coming up is the concept of empathy and learning how to redirect and guide your child into a different behavior by taking the time to acknowledge the present – putting yourself in their shoes before you try to redirect.⁣
Instead of employing my usual parenting style, I stopped everything I was doing, hugged him, and shared with him that I would not have wanted to go to school either, especially after such a fun weekend.
I told him I too would love to just spend my whole day with him, lounging on the couch just cuddling together.
I explained to him that I wanted to be with him too. That would be ideal. But it’s not realistic, we all have to get back to our routines in order to reach our goals.⁣
It took some time, but it worked.⁣
He felt seen, accepted the reality, and moved on without much resistance or friction.⁣
Yesterday was the first day of school and he had to yet again start a new routine (he is doing a hybrid version of in-person and online school).
I made sure to stay very attuned to his needs during the whole morning routine and help him feel safe and connected.
Fortunately, he felt excited to start his new school schedule and things went pretty smoothly this time around.
As I was reflecting on this, I started drawing parallels to business.⁣
One of the best things I can do is empathize and really LISTEN to my coaching clients.⁣
I need to constantly remind myself that their needs and feelings need to be acknowledged and validated BEFORE I guide them into the best course of action for starting their businesses.⁣
There is a very close relationship between the way you parent and the way you coach others.⁣
Empathy can be a driving force to create that connection before you try to help them establish visibility, or understand their niche, or figure out what financial models are out there.⁣
Empathy is the first step.⁣
Not only with your existing clients but also with your prospective clients.⁣
If you’re trying to market and GAIN followers, you should focus on your ability to empathize and put yourself in their shoes.⁣
You may have been there 5 years ago – we oftentimes build businesses based on the roadblocks we faced – but it’s SO easy to disassociate your present self with where you were 5 years ago…⁣
The importance of empathy transcends all our relationships in life, whether it’s clients, friends, or family.⁣
I encourage you to share here in the comments and let me know…
Do you feel you understand your clients well enough?
What are the steps that you’ve taken to empathize with your clients or prospective clients?⁣
I look forward to hearing from you.

by Fabiana Claure on August 14th, 2020

Are you wondering how you’ll go back to the regular school schedule while juggling work, practicing your instrument, and overseeing your kid’s online learning?

No worries!

I’ve got you covered.

When the pandemic started and schools were closed, one of the key issues I knew I wanted to address was how to juggle working from home while also homeschooling my kids.

Fortunately, I have three friends who are wonderful musicians and also homeschooling mothers.

I created a 3-part interview series where I invited them to share their experiences balancing their lives as musicians and homeschooling mothers.

They shared many valuable tips and suggestions for all of us musician mothers who all of the sudden had to figure out how to juggle everything.

Now that the school year is about to begin again, I wanted to remind all of you wonderful members of my community to join my free FB group "Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers" and tap into these helpful interviews.

I hope you find them useful.

Inside my group, I also shared a live video today where I discussed more insights into how to reframe time management and how to embrace a perspective of abundance rather than scarcity.

I talked about a great concept called Einstein time which allows you to get twice as done in half the time - and have a good time doing it!

If you'd like to be a part of this incredible free community and get lots of insight into how to start the school year in a successful and entrepreneurial way, then click here to join my FB group "Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers."

by Fabiana Claure on July 24th, 2020

I presented a session today inside my free Facebook group, Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers, on creating visibility for your business as a women musician entrepreneur.

It was a lot of fun.

I had several group members join me during the live session and enjoyed getting to answer everyone's questions related to today's topic.

I shared some key strategies to build the marketing aspect of your business as an integral part of your day-to-day activities in a way that is enjoyable and creates deep human connections.

I also addressed some of the greatest limitations and obstacles we encounter as women in the music industry and offered some key perspectives to help overcome these perceived barriers.

If you'd like to catch the video replay, you can find it inside my FB group Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers.

If you have any questions based on the video, feel free to post them next to the video in the comments section and I'll be happy to go back and answer them.

I hope you enjoy watching the video.

Have a great weekend!

Click here to join my FB group "Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers" and watch today's session video replay.